Goodbye Arnold

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About the authors

Marc Folan is an Off-Broadway composer/lyricist and spends a lot of his of his time writing musicals. In 2014 one of his shows - "A Little Princess"  was produced on 42nd st in NYC and in 2018 a newer updated version had a run at The Other Palace in London, produce by NYMT.


He is a Professional Writer member of Mercury Musical Developments (a London-based collective)


Jim Batten is a musician and writer, namely writing comedy for BBC Radio 4's topical news show 'Weekending' and London Weekend Television's comedy sketch shows for Kate Robbins, Gary Wilmot and Hale and Pace...... Then Jim fell in love; and woke up on a beach twelve years later, with a wife, three children and a huge mortgage; and has since been cajoled by Marc Folan to write again.... funny old world....