Goodbye Arnold

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About the show

It's a story about a journey of discovery for Year 6 and a bear called Arnold. The kids think that they are going to Sunny Days Activity Centre for their school journey.


Unfortunately for them, they end up going to Badlands Youth Facility (because of cut-backs!) with it's harsh regime, where they stumble upon a mysterious caretaker having secret meetings with a leather-clad biker. While they solve the mystery they learn some valuable lessons along the way.


Do the kids solve the mystery?


Is the caretaker dodgy?


Will Red, the new kid, make friends?


Does Slim get something decent to eat?


What does it take to do the right thing?

Running time

Just under an hour.


Up to 32 characters for the kids to get their

teeth into and a chorus/choir to add the big sound!




New ideas from schools who have  staged Goodbye Arnold

One school had the boys playing the female parts of the bossy Miss Fortune and Miss Leeding  which was absolutely hilarious!


So if you have some "game for a laugh" kids this is something for them.


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